Sabie River Sun Golf Course

Posted by Ryan and Michelle on Sun July 12, 2015 in Special Offer.

We remind you of our Special Offer to Golfers which runs until the end of August.
Today we feature one of the courses a mere 16 kms from Mackers - Sabie River Sun, an 18 hole course, which is undoubtedly one of the true jewels of the South African golfing scene.

Water hazards are plentiful so it is wise to bring plenty of balls  -  it comes into play on all but four of the holes and memories of river crossings and dams are sure to stand out after your game. Numerous Hippos and crocodiles are permanent residents and inhabit the larger water hazards, so guests should be wary with wayward balls; they may not be able to retrieve them.

The parklands-style course is home to 200 different species of bird, which means that avid birders will enjoy the course’s natural spoils even more.

The course itself is relatively short and is just less than 6000m. The grounds are excellently looked after and the modern irrigation system ensures that the fairways stay green and well knitted year-round. Originally designed as a nine hole course 60 years ago, it was originally established by farmers in the area who sought nearby recreation.  The course underwent reconstruction by the Golf Data team in 1992 and has been a national favourite ever since.